Sunday, May 6, 2012

With a little help from my friends!

I am so blessed - I've meet so many new "banded" friends these past few weeks, and I read their blogs almost obsessively and love it when they comment! Thank you!

and my "real life" friends?? I am amazed at the support! I've received so many sweet comments and encouragements this last week - I totally was not expecting that - that is one reason why I started this blog!

and can we get a woot woot? I've lost 23 lbs! Six since Surgery day!

I have to thank Happily Ever Lapband - I have been adding extra protein powder to pre-made shakes, and it's been a breeze getting my protein in!

I do notice I get cranky around 4pm - and weak. because I'm not eating, duh. So I am having a nice EAS Chocolate shake blended up with some Biochem protein powder (vanilla) and a little bit of Salted Caramel Torani syrup. Yum! Of course, it takes me 45 minutes to drink it.

I bought this yesterday - WARNING - it is DISGUSTING. Do not buy!! Yucky. I was mad because I had some of their Cookie (like oreo cookie) powder a few months ago and it tasted fine.

I also did something funny today - I was making some Mac and cheese for my Godsons for lunch, and totally without thinking, popped some noodles in my mouth to test "doneness". Mom was there and was like " You know, you just put noodles in your mouth!!" haha! I spit them out. It was funny though.

Now, time for a walk with my Hubby. At the Mall. accckkk food court :-(


  1. You are doing so awesome lala :) So happy for you. The protein makes a huge difference or at least that's what our dietitian says!

  2. Sounds like things are going so well for you! Way to go!