Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ten things Thursday

1. I went back to work today! Photographing a 5 day old sweet baby boy.

2. I went to their house to do it, and I totally overdid it - I had to use an upstairs room in a giant mansion - crap. I am pooped out.

3. After I had to have something - not hungry, because I'm never hungry but CRANKY still stops by for a visit. We went to our favorite smoothie place where I got a Peanut Butter Banana with protein added smoothie. Heavenly! They also have one there that's called PBJ and dude, it tastes EXACTLY like a Peanut butter and jelly sammich.

4. Back to working, the baby peed and pooped on me. My job is GLAMOUROUS!!!

5. I do want some food though. It go out and have a nice meal. and a drink. but I AM DENIED! wah

6. The good news is that we barely spend any money on groceries (I have been making the hubby cook for himself. He eats a lot of tv dinners, and spaghetti. and toast) or eating out (except addictive peanut butter smoothies)

7. oh my dawg I feel like crap now. Maybe it was too early to go back to work.

8. Tomorrow I'm not working but have a Vendor show to go to with a local exercise group for Moms. I have to be there at 8am ish. too early I say! blah

9. I hate not being hungry but "wanting" food. I'm so grumpy and tired and cranky and normally I would cure this with food.

10. and to make my life even better - my DVD player decided to break. We don't have cable or netflix or anything - I need movies! preferably ones I've seen a hundred times!

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