Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Oh no! The hungries are here. I don't like the hungries. It's dinner time. I know by how I feel (antsy, crabby, grumbly, weak) that I am hungry. I'm all bitchy and pissy today too, because of the hungries.

Before my band, when I was hungry, I would turn into a total crab and nag at my husband that I was hungry and that I was weak and that I needed food NOW (usually fast food) and I didn't feel like cooking, but NOTHING sounded good and I would get all whiny and anxious.

It really sucked.

I don't like that person.

She came back today. My poor husband keeps trying to be nice and suggest things, but everything has bread (which I have tried, a few bites of crunchy garlic toast). or pasta. or rice. all of which I know he loves, but I am really trying to avoid, even if I can get them down (I don't want to do it that way!!!)



  1. I hate being hungry!! Hang in there.

  2. I was just wondering about that today??? I'm 1 week post op today and can't stand food, it's the strangest thing ever.... You sound like my evil twin befor surgery.

    So the hunger comes back? I was starting to feel like a plastic doll. Say my doc yesterday, he said all good. So question for you since your surgery day was so recent..... pAIN...I quit yesterday on my pain meds, I'm up at 12am... It hurts!!!! The port area is so damn sore.