Friday, May 4, 2012

Day Three

Holy crap am I bored I went back to work (just computer work) because I was ready to rip my hair out after 3 days of laying around. I loved it at my parents house, but they had to keep cooking FOOD.

I'm not hungry. I'm the opposite of hungry. but they were cooking things that smelled way too good. Tacos. Panini Sandwiches. Omelets. WAFFLES! All of these things wanted to GET IN MY BELLEH!

So, I packed up my junk and had my husband bring me home, then we went to the store to get me some stuff (protein powder, a movie to watch) and so I could go for a walk.

and I tried to watch the movie, but my DVD player decided to be broken.

and I am BORED. Can they please make a popcorn FREE movie theatre - just for a few weeks?

and I am dying to take a bath and relax. Woe is me.


  1. La La!! so glad to read your posts. Head hunger and stres eating are my worst enemies. Just find other things to do. I know that's way easier said than done. If you're bored, will you do me a favor? I'm trying to win this contest for some new sunglasses. I was destroying the competition until some school teacher came out of left field and got all of the students in her school to vote for her. will you throw me a few votes? Tonights the last night to vote!! TYTYTY!!

  2. So sorry you are so bored! I'm going to be home for 5 days before heading back to work, since my surgeon only does surgeries on Wednesdays. I do however have 140 shows on my DVR that I haven't had a chance to watch, lol, so I'm thinking I have that covered. :-) Good luck conquering the head hunger!

  3. I like your new blog design Lala! I hope you find something worthwhile to fill your time :>)