Monday, September 24, 2012

Tattoo, Cat and Birthday

Well, My Birthday wasn't THAT bad - We had lots of time with my Sister in Law (who was visiting from out of state) - We ate out WAY too much (yum! but of course, I can't eat much). I got a new sewing machine from my parents, DVD's and Gift cards from my hubby, and money from my Father in law. Which I used to buy..this... IMG_0114

 Ha! I wasn't expecting to get a tattoo - I've wanted one for years and years but could not decide on anything. My Sis made the appointment, and last Friday she got SIX (yes, SIX!!!) tattoos, and I got this little dude on my ankle. and of course, it had to mean something to me, and everyone is asking WHAT a pumpkin means to me - so, the list. because I'm weird.

 1. I love Halloween (duh)
2. I got married on Halloween (double duh)
 3. It's a Jack Skellington face from Nightmare before Christmas - which I love! 4. It's a happy face to remind me to be happy
5. The two leaves are for my two babies
6. It's on my right side which is my "pain" side - all of my ovarian cysts are hurty on that side. When I'm in pain, I can look at it and think of something else It really didn't hurt as bad as I thought it would. It felt like a bee sting. I'm no stranger to pain, anyway.

 We also went to a wedding for my husband's cousin - I'm hoping some photos surface of me because I looked cute in my dress!

 and I finally got time to photograph my new kitty - Binx! (although, I call her Binky - poor cat) binx-1-web

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


My Fill started working - hurray!

Rest of my life? not hurray.

I'm always in a pissy mood.

I feel like going to some peoples jobs and asking them to do it for free, or give me free product, just because. It sounds FUN!!
(Can you tell that I've had some problems with this recently??)

Tomorrow is my Birthday. A few weeks ago, I had received some money from my parents (which was actually from Christmas, long story) that I was going to use to buy a new lens for my camera (which I need, badly). Bills came up and surprise, surprise, I had to use that money to pay...Child Support.

For the kid that's not mine and that we don't get to see. Right.

I knew what my husband had been planning on getting me for my birthday and was excited for it. We were at the store anyway and he asked if we could just get it then - fine. Then he says he needs more phone minutes (pay as you go phone) because he has to use his cell at work sometimes. Well, wouldn't you know that the phone min were the same price as my gift and I had to tell the cashier to take it off (because I wasn't expecting the expense of the phone card, we didn't have enough money to buy the gift)


I hate my birthday.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

1. Dude. I had a fill on Monday, after starving for a month (because I didn't get a fill in August and I didn't lose ANYTHING last month). The nurse would only give me 1/2 a CC. Why? because someone else got a full CC and they had problems with reflux. um. that person is not ME.

2. So guess what? still starvin' marvin. I don't even think they gave me a fill. I think my band is leaky or something.

3. I also have a visitor aka Aunt Flo and TOM or whatever you want to call this evil bitch. I spend the month with ovarian cyst pain, then for 5-6 days I get cramps that make me want to kill someone. Fun times.

4. HANGRY - is my favorite word. It's a combo of Hungry and Angry. Which is how I feel right now.

5. I love love love loooove my job. but people should not book photo sessions or make orders of photographs without paying their INVOICES!!! I call this "Invoice Hell". I get it, it's not payday. But when you are on a payment schedule (I have lay-a-way) and your payment is due on the 5th, you need to pay it on the 5th. because that's MY payday. If everyone who owes me money would pay me, I could pay off every bill I have, right now.

6. Back to food - oh man...I love food. but now I'm hungry (HANGRY!!) but things get stuck. Like...yogurt. strangeness.

7. I have discovered that I CAN eat french fries if I use huge amounts of ketchup. This is not a good thing. It IS a good thing that I prefer french fries dry/plain though, because then I don't each them.

8. My Sister in law is coming to visit! I am excited to see her. She's awesome. I am not excited that I have to clean my house. She might stay here for a day or two. which means I need to come up with a guest room. haha.

9. I am addicted to Peach Green tea from the Gas Station. 80oz of sugar free peachy goodness? YES PLEASE!!

10. The biggest news of this week is...we found a kitten under our car on Monday morning and I guess we're keeping her. We have put up posters and looked for her owner, but no luck. I will post some photos of her later! Her name is Binx!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Pain and Panic

(Does anyone remember these little guys? I have little figures of them somewhere in my piles of hoarded crap)

So. Hi.

Lala is not doing well. Other than I've spent this month STARVING TO DEATH (because I didn't get the stupid fill) - I've just been depressed.

I've received many blessings, but selfish old me can't help thinking - I don't want THIS! I want THAT!!! DUDE!

(Infertility rant beginning)

All of the lovely people are know are BIRTHING! They are AMAZING strong women! YAY for them!!

You see, I cannot count how many people I've heard whine (like myself, that they weren't pregnant yet) who were like...20 years old. Oh please. Give me a freaking break.

I once worked with a girl who got married at 18, and at almost 21 she hadn't gotten pregnant yet, and would sit in the back room at work, SOBBING about it. I tried to be sympathetic, I mean, I wanted children badly myself (at the time, I was 29, and unmarried, no boyfriend) so I would try to console her and be her friend.

After about, oh a year of this, I was done. I said to her - look - you're married to a great guy with a job, and medical insurance, you have a good job and insurance - you're only 21. Go to the Dr and see what's wrong and QUIT YER BITCHIN'!!!!!

(The insurance thing gets me every time, I just can't afford it)

Oh, within..3 months she was pregnant..and she has 3 kids now. The oldest just started first grade.

and I'm here, almost 36. No babies.

Again I feel like I know nothing because I've never given birth or had someone call me "Mom". Friends with kids are hard to hang out with, because it seems no one can hire a babysitter anymore. Friends with kids don't always invite ME places because I kids. I can't do to "Mom's Night Out".

People with no kids? Well, (except for US) have TOO MANY friends already and are too busy to hang out.

I COULD NOT POSSIBLY know anything about newborn babies or kids! I mean - dude, don't you know that if you aren't a Mom yourself, you are SO DUMB!

I'm having panic attacks about everything.

I'm having constant pain from my ovarian cysts and I can't do anything about it. (Dr says, either have a hysterectomy or deal with it. I can't go to the Dr. for pain medication because then they treat you like a druggie.)

(Also mad because someone else I know gave birth this week, and used THE NAME that I've loved since I was 10 years old. I was holding on to it, but whatever. It's like that name is dead to me now and I'm sad. Which is soooo stupid!!! oh well)