Thursday, September 13, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

1. Dude. I had a fill on Monday, after starving for a month (because I didn't get a fill in August and I didn't lose ANYTHING last month). The nurse would only give me 1/2 a CC. Why? because someone else got a full CC and they had problems with reflux. um. that person is not ME.

2. So guess what? still starvin' marvin. I don't even think they gave me a fill. I think my band is leaky or something.

3. I also have a visitor aka Aunt Flo and TOM or whatever you want to call this evil bitch. I spend the month with ovarian cyst pain, then for 5-6 days I get cramps that make me want to kill someone. Fun times.

4. HANGRY - is my favorite word. It's a combo of Hungry and Angry. Which is how I feel right now.

5. I love love love loooove my job. but people should not book photo sessions or make orders of photographs without paying their INVOICES!!! I call this "Invoice Hell". I get it, it's not payday. But when you are on a payment schedule (I have lay-a-way) and your payment is due on the 5th, you need to pay it on the 5th. because that's MY payday. If everyone who owes me money would pay me, I could pay off every bill I have, right now.

6. Back to food - oh man...I love food. but now I'm hungry (HANGRY!!) but things get stuck. Like...yogurt. strangeness.

7. I have discovered that I CAN eat french fries if I use huge amounts of ketchup. This is not a good thing. It IS a good thing that I prefer french fries dry/plain though, because then I don't each them.

8. My Sister in law is coming to visit! I am excited to see her. She's awesome. I am not excited that I have to clean my house. She might stay here for a day or two. which means I need to come up with a guest room. haha.

9. I am addicted to Peach Green tea from the Gas Station. 80oz of sugar free peachy goodness? YES PLEASE!!

10. The biggest news of this week is...we found a kitten under our car on Monday morning and I guess we're keeping her. We have put up posters and looked for her owner, but no luck. I will post some photos of her later! Her name is Binx!


  1. hangry: aww i love it! that's how i feel every single day!!!! they need to invent a pill for that :)

  2. I hear you about Aunt Flo, she's been visiting me this week too, she sucks!! ((hugs)) I would talk with them about how your filling about your "fills" btw can't wait to see your new addition, I bet she's gonna love it with you!!

    ((hugs)) been thinking of you and I am soooo going to be using your new word! It's awesome!!

  3. I think Hangry is gonna be my word of the day!