Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Another Progress Pic and BRA RANT!

So, we did a vendor table for my biz at a local mom's group a few weeks ago. This photo of me (and Hubby and Godson) was on FB and I just randomly found it (taken by a stranger!)

Anyway, I noticed the shirt I was wearing. I looked through some old pix on FB of a trip I took to visit a friend in April 2011, and there I was, wearing the same top.

I must have been around 295 there - I'm guessing....

Can you see a difference? (50 lbs?? I weigh 245 now!)

So, anyway, today we happened to be near the outlet mall (we NEVER go there, so it was an OCCASION!) They have a store that sells only bras/undies so I went there to find a sports bra.

I've been hating doing cardio at home because my boobies like to do a little (painful) dance. bleck. I haven't been able to find a sports bra in larger than a size L/XL (which looks like, an extra small) anywhere. I bought bras there in Feb of 11 that I am STILL wearing,they used to be on the last hook/loosest straps, but they are now adjusted as tight as they will go, AND I took in the sides on the sewing machine like an inch on each side. These bras are all 46 D/DD. She measures me today and says I'm...a 50 DDD? WHATTTT???

Seriously...WHHHHATTTT???? How could I be BIGGER???????

and they didn't have any sports bras in that size, anyway. The biggest was a 44 D - which she tried to get me to buy anyway. It had UNDERWIRE. um ow. I don't want to exercise in that!! and they were $40 each. Right. I'm going to pay $40 for a too small, uncomfortable sports bra.

Help? Where can I find one to fit?? I can't afford more than $20 for a bra. Any more than that and it'd better...I don't know...come with a cabana boy?? WAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH

Monday, August 6, 2012

33 lbs? Why...YES! I did it!

So, I have been a bad blogger and totally missing - we went to Disney and stuff and now I'm trying to get my life back together. It's crazy.

BUT - I've lost TEN POUNDS since my last Progress photo and here it is!

I had a difficult time coaching the husby this time on how to take the photo - so I really don't like it (Neither us noticed that my sleeves are all whacked out, oh well.)

and to see the progress (I don't see much though) - here is a composite of today's photo and the one from May

So, my girls seem to have gotten "perkier" - which is cool. I'm wearing the same bra anyway. The jeans are definitely looser in the waist and in the butt (still super tight in the legs/thighs though) The shirt still feels super tight to me.

Yay Lap-band.

(and here is a NSV - I bought my husband Sushi and I had...1 piece. and I was full. The End)