Monday, January 21, 2013

Food Diary 1/21/13

Oikos Raspberry Yogurt (I freaking love this stuff. It's like, heaven. in my mouf)
Coffee with caramel creamer

1 egg "omelet" (since it's kind of hard to make an omelet with 1 egg)
sprinkle of pepper jack cheese

I am a still feeling hungry after lunch, at least my stomach is gurgling. We'll see if  I do anything about this.

Dinner: We unexpectedly were invited over to my parents house for

Chicken stir fry (very small serving)
white rice (really TINY serving)
and an egg roll. and that egg roll was the bomb dot com.

Snacks: 3 Ak-Mak crackers with 1/2 of a (very small) avocado - YUM! and a sprinkle of lemon juice  and salt/pepper

"Lala" brand (this really exists!) yogurt smoothie

It's 7pm. I have a HUGE CRAVING for a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich. I have no idea why. I don't eat bread (and we don't have any) but dude.

Total Calories: 1400
Total Protein     80

Weight Today: 242
Exercise : 1 mile walk (22 min approx) 


No, not the blog....but ME and the SCALE.

I am finally losing again. I got a fill last Monday, and for the first few days felt barfy from me, but that seems to have gone away.

I am almost done with my antibiotics (1 more pill today for two of them, then a few more days of the 3rd one)

I actually... exercised today. It's a miracle. (Seriously, it is)

I did my 1 mile "Walk away the Pounds" Dvd (this one ) and thought I was going to die during it. I didn't do all of the hand move movements (not that coordinated) or used the weighted blue balls (HA!HA!) and I have a hard time walking in place. It's so boring and the lady is annoying, so I turned her down and a new playlist UP and when walking in place got too boring, I just jogged or walked around the living room. Not bad.

Playlist for today (since I only did 1 mile) was

Big Time - Peter Gabriel
Bust your windows - Glee
Titanium - David Gueatta
Supermassive Black Hole - Muse
Beat it - Michael Jackson

I'm still breathing hard (I have been sick for a while, since like September so I haven't worked out at all) but I feel good!

Time for lunch...I think. an egg. eggciting!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Ten Things Thursday - the running late editon

I am telling the story of my last few days as a TTT post. because I can. neener.

1. So, I am sick. I have an infection (which was caused my something that is not my fault and that I have no control of - I don't want to talk about why I have it. too hard) anyway, I've been taking antibiotics since Monday. They called to see how I was yesterday and I said I felt worse and I had a fever.....

2. So then they say, okay, if you still feel like crap tomorrow, call us and we'll call in a script for stronger antibiotics. I call, tell them I feel EVEN WORSE - the pain, and now I have a fever and chills.

3. They say - oh! you have to come in to the office now - but we don't have an appointment available for hours! (well, it snowed like 15 thousand inches today and I wasn't happy about this - and my husband had to go to work, so I made arrangements for Mom to take me, and packed a bag since I'd probably be at her house over night because of all of the snow)

4. Then the Dr office calls back AGAIN and says, oops - don't come in, we're going to call in those stronger meds. so I wait, and wait, and call the pharmacy and guess what? they don't get called in, and by now my husband has to go to work in less than an hour.

5. Finally, script is ready but I can't take it because I can't get to the pharmacy (I had my husband pick it up on the way to work) and anyway, they told me on the phone to start it in the morning (this is key, morning)


7. and you know what? I still feel like crap. I feel worse than I did when I went in on Monday. and my pain meds suck donkey balls. they don't work at all. meh,

8. In other news, I still have to freaking work so I can pay these stupid dr bills.

9. Good news is that I just made a deal with one of my clients to trade for something I really want.

10. and the backdrop company I use often sells a backdrop (they are very nice, printed on vinyl, and have both photorealistic images and digitally created artwork) that's...newspapers. all stuck up willy nilly on a wall. these backdrops are $100.

Why couldn't people just, I don't a newspaper and some tape for $1.50 and stick them to a wall?? Are people actually BUYING this backdrop? how much are they going to use it?? NEWSPAPERS????!!

Monday, January 7, 2013


Well, I know what's wrong with me now and where all of my pain is coming from.

It's pretty personal so I'm not going into details, but I have to take a ton of meds to hopefully cure it. If it doesn't get better, I have to go to the hospital for IV meds. Fun times!! (and it's unexplained how I got it, but it's not uncommon for someone with my kind of female problems to get it)

I am actually feeling more positive and feel I can get through this.

I am so happy this Dr. was able to diagnose it. I could have hugged her (this was the FOURTH time I had been to the Dr. for this pain problem.)

I also was happy to see that I lost 10 lbs between 12/14/12 and 1/7/13 - they told me at my appointment.

I also made an appointment to have a fill next Monday.

I can do this!!!!!


I have been bad at blogging, but I HAVE been (mostly) tracking my food and I have been losing!

In September, I was 244.6

By November, I was back UP to 256

I really didn't think I changed my eating habits that much. I was in pain so I didn't exercise, but I was really busy with work.

(after thinking about it, I was eating A LOT of sunflower seeds, and graham crackers with butter. mmmm. but I cut both out of my diet before Christmas)

I didn't get it because I could fit into smaller and smaller pants, I even have size 18's and 20's that I'm wearing now - it makes no sense.

Anyway. I'm back to 246 today. Just a little more before I'm back to where I started. I'm making an appointment today for a fill too. (Grr. they are at lunch. all 4 receptionists and everyone gets to take lunch at the exact SAME TIME??)

Now, time to make a scrambled egg. I eat a egg with cheese for breakfast (and 1 cup of coffee with creamer) - I'm tired of it, but it works. I need to come up with another high-ish protein breakfast, because I am egged out.

Today I get to go back to see the Dr about my pelvic pain that he thinks is a hernia (actually, I am going to see the nurse since the doc isn't available AND he's more expensive) - I really am annoyed with this pain. It hurts when I wake up, it hurts when I have to pee, it hurts at bedtime, and it hurts in spasms throughout the day. They say it's a hernia, and want me to talk to my Lap-band dr about it (as he also fixes hernias) but I can't afford surgery to fix it. It sucks.


(Also forgot, one of my photography clients is a Mommy Fitness Guru - she teaches all sorts of classes to Mom's but I never felt I could sign up and go because I wasn't a Mom and it make me annoyed. Anyway, she gave me some DVD's of workouts to do, and some stretchy bands to get my started - and then I can do it at home and I won't have to answer the "oh, how old are YOUR kids??" question that everyone asks me. Because everyone assumes. meh. but she's nice and I think understands why I have never signed up)

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Oatmeal with skim milk and raisins (my husband made me breakfast because I didn't feel good. Unfortunately, it was very low in protein)

Green smoothie with protein powder (it's a good thing tomorrow is Payday as we're out of frozen fruit - I do have mounds and mounds of spinach though)

shrimp, salsa, lime juice served over greens

Snack: light butter popcorn
3 squares of chocolate

Exercise: Surprise! We actually went for a 30 minute walk today.

Myfitnesspal says only 900 calories hmmm. I really did track everything and tried to do it right.
Protein: 44

Weight: 247

(P.S. this is also my 100th Post!)


I don't usually make New Year's Resolutions but this year they are:

Lose 20 lbs. I know that seems low, but seeing how slowly weight comes off of me, this works for me.

At least 20 min of exercise a day - working up to more.

Take photos of every day life, every day, and not worrying if they are "artistic" or how I'm going to be judged on them.

Organize our Garage, my stepsons Room and our office.

Spend more time with my friends.