Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

(If anyone every reads this, you can see that I edit it throughout the day, then finish it up and republish at night. A weird way to blog, I guess, but it's working for me)

I woke up in my warm snuggly bed (my husband wasn't in it, he was sleeping on the couch because my Stepson is here and he wanted to make sure he could care for him if he woke up. aw) with two of my cats lying on me, purring away. I could see that it was snowing out our bedroom window, and I had enough charge on the ipad to fool around on FB and relax for a little while. It was nice.

I got up and made coffee and breakfast for my husband and Son. They requested...Pop Tarts. Now, I never buy Pop Tarts (even if THEY like them) because I like them (well, the fruit ones)...but we had them in the house so that's what I "made" (toasted?). I threw an inner fit because I CAN'T HAVE POPTARTS! or TOAST (well, I can never have toast, because I don't buy bread) or French Toast. or waffles. or pancakes (all of them get stuck)

sigh. I guess I'll make myself...an egg.

(then I threw another fit because I asked my husband to bathe the kid, and he came out asking me if my Bath and body works lotion was the kid shampoo. what the heck? gah. so it's not even noon on the first day of the year and I yelled at my husband. Great start, Lala. Amazing. not)

We took the kid out to shop for clothes (used ones at the thrift store) because I am tired of buying him clothes, then for some reason or another, he ends up going home in them, and we never get them BACK. So if he doesn't have his own clothes to put on, he will go home in these. and I marked them with our name)

Sigh. I am craving...CRUNCHIES. Sunflower seeds...popcorn...either would do - I broke down and had some popcorn but I still want...crunchies. or  sour candy. I drank 3 bottles of water and had a huge glass of iced tea instead.

Scrambled egg with cheddar cheese
slice of bacon

2 chicken nuggets
9 french fries (yes, I COUNTED)
mango smoothie (small) This took me about 1.5 hours to drink, I didn't really drink it with my food.

Dinner:I was going to have a taco, but I was too lazy to make it. so no dinner.

Snack: popcorn, small slice of cheese
2 squares of chocolate

Weight: 247
Exercise: 20 min of the Wii Just Dance. and I'm pooped out :-(

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