Monday, January 7, 2013


I have been bad at blogging, but I HAVE been (mostly) tracking my food and I have been losing!

In September, I was 244.6

By November, I was back UP to 256

I really didn't think I changed my eating habits that much. I was in pain so I didn't exercise, but I was really busy with work.

(after thinking about it, I was eating A LOT of sunflower seeds, and graham crackers with butter. mmmm. but I cut both out of my diet before Christmas)

I didn't get it because I could fit into smaller and smaller pants, I even have size 18's and 20's that I'm wearing now - it makes no sense.

Anyway. I'm back to 246 today. Just a little more before I'm back to where I started. I'm making an appointment today for a fill too. (Grr. they are at lunch. all 4 receptionists and everyone gets to take lunch at the exact SAME TIME??)

Now, time to make a scrambled egg. I eat a egg with cheese for breakfast (and 1 cup of coffee with creamer) - I'm tired of it, but it works. I need to come up with another high-ish protein breakfast, because I am egged out.

Today I get to go back to see the Dr about my pelvic pain that he thinks is a hernia (actually, I am going to see the nurse since the doc isn't available AND he's more expensive) - I really am annoyed with this pain. It hurts when I wake up, it hurts when I have to pee, it hurts at bedtime, and it hurts in spasms throughout the day. They say it's a hernia, and want me to talk to my Lap-band dr about it (as he also fixes hernias) but I can't afford surgery to fix it. It sucks.


(Also forgot, one of my photography clients is a Mommy Fitness Guru - she teaches all sorts of classes to Mom's but I never felt I could sign up and go because I wasn't a Mom and it make me annoyed. Anyway, she gave me some DVD's of workouts to do, and some stretchy bands to get my started - and then I can do it at home and I won't have to answer the "oh, how old are YOUR kids??" question that everyone asks me. Because everyone assumes. meh. but she's nice and I think understands why I have never signed up)

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  1. isn't it amazing how we don't "think" we are eating differently? I was doing the same thing!

    Health Care sucks (and I work in health care) - I hope all goes well and no surgery is needed!