Monday, January 21, 2013


No, not the blog....but ME and the SCALE.

I am finally losing again. I got a fill last Monday, and for the first few days felt barfy from me, but that seems to have gone away.

I am almost done with my antibiotics (1 more pill today for two of them, then a few more days of the 3rd one)

I actually... exercised today. It's a miracle. (Seriously, it is)

I did my 1 mile "Walk away the Pounds" Dvd (this one ) and thought I was going to die during it. I didn't do all of the hand move movements (not that coordinated) or used the weighted blue balls (HA!HA!) and I have a hard time walking in place. It's so boring and the lady is annoying, so I turned her down and a new playlist UP and when walking in place got too boring, I just jogged or walked around the living room. Not bad.

Playlist for today (since I only did 1 mile) was

Big Time - Peter Gabriel
Bust your windows - Glee
Titanium - David Gueatta
Supermassive Black Hole - Muse
Beat it - Michael Jackson

I'm still breathing hard (I have been sick for a while, since like September so I haven't worked out at all) but I feel good!

Time for lunch...I think. an egg. eggciting!

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