Monday, January 21, 2013

Food Diary 1/21/13

Oikos Raspberry Yogurt (I freaking love this stuff. It's like, heaven. in my mouf)
Coffee with caramel creamer

1 egg "omelet" (since it's kind of hard to make an omelet with 1 egg)
sprinkle of pepper jack cheese

I am a still feeling hungry after lunch, at least my stomach is gurgling. We'll see if  I do anything about this.

Dinner: We unexpectedly were invited over to my parents house for

Chicken stir fry (very small serving)
white rice (really TINY serving)
and an egg roll. and that egg roll was the bomb dot com.

Snacks: 3 Ak-Mak crackers with 1/2 of a (very small) avocado - YUM! and a sprinkle of lemon juice  and salt/pepper

"Lala" brand (this really exists!) yogurt smoothie

It's 7pm. I have a HUGE CRAVING for a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich. I have no idea why. I don't eat bread (and we don't have any) but dude.

Total Calories: 1400
Total Protein     80

Weight Today: 242
Exercise : 1 mile walk (22 min approx) 

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  1. you could add an egg white to the 1 egg and it only adds like 15 cals.. or wisk a splash of half and half in your egg. That stretches it out a bit, and adds more protein to help hold you over a little longer! great job on the weight loss!