Monday, September 24, 2012

Tattoo, Cat and Birthday

Well, My Birthday wasn't THAT bad - We had lots of time with my Sister in Law (who was visiting from out of state) - We ate out WAY too much (yum! but of course, I can't eat much). I got a new sewing machine from my parents, DVD's and Gift cards from my hubby, and money from my Father in law. Which I used to buy..this... IMG_0114

 Ha! I wasn't expecting to get a tattoo - I've wanted one for years and years but could not decide on anything. My Sis made the appointment, and last Friday she got SIX (yes, SIX!!!) tattoos, and I got this little dude on my ankle. and of course, it had to mean something to me, and everyone is asking WHAT a pumpkin means to me - so, the list. because I'm weird.

 1. I love Halloween (duh)
2. I got married on Halloween (double duh)
 3. It's a Jack Skellington face from Nightmare before Christmas - which I love! 4. It's a happy face to remind me to be happy
5. The two leaves are for my two babies
6. It's on my right side which is my "pain" side - all of my ovarian cysts are hurty on that side. When I'm in pain, I can look at it and think of something else It really didn't hurt as bad as I thought it would. It felt like a bee sting. I'm no stranger to pain, anyway.

 We also went to a wedding for my husband's cousin - I'm hoping some photos surface of me because I looked cute in my dress!

 and I finally got time to photograph my new kitty - Binx! (although, I call her Binky - poor cat) binx-1-web

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