Tuesday, October 2, 2012


I didn't try to make this blog anonymous. I should have. Now, I know someone who I would PREFER NOT READ THIS BLOG - is reading it and has probably read it all. I didn't take pains to hide it but I didn't cover my tracks as I should have. I was careless. So, that's the reason why I haven't been blogging. I haven't lost any weight anyway. I'm in a bad mood because 500 bazillion of my facebo.ok "friends" are posting little blurbs like this on their walls "The next time someone says

"Oh, you're JUST a stay at home mom" I may punch you in the face. Being a mom, is far more difficult and challenging than any job you could ever have. We don't get breaks or weekends or holidays off. We don't get the luxury of sleeping all through the night or sleeping in. Instead, we get late nights and early mornings. We now have family nights instead of date night. We wipe noses, get puked on, change diapers, try the potty training, do play time, deal with temper tantrums, and as soon as nap time hits ... we turn around scrub the bathrooms, pick up the floor , do the dishes, and work on that never ending pile of laundry. So the next time someone wants to say "you're just a stay at home mom" you are more than welcome to fill my position for a day!!"

 Just a Stay at home Mom? Right. My Mom was a single Mom who worked 60 hours a week to support us(If I was not at school, I was with my Grandma) then came home and DID EVERY FREAKING THING THAT "STAY AT HOME" Mom's do when she got home. She also ran a business (a craft store) with my Aunts and Grandma on the weekends. She did not get the luxury EVER of sleeping in - not because I would get up early (I loved sleep too much as a kid!) because she had to support her family.

 And you know what? I'm just an infertile who would give anything to be a "Stay at home Mom". Difficult and challenging? BRING. IT. ON. I don't currently get weekends off anyway, because I have to WORK. On Holidays I'm still working on the computer, trying to bring in Money to pay our bills. and on Holidays I'm crying inside because I DON'T GET TO BE A STAY AT HOME MOM. Dude. Squeeze those babies, love them, and shut the fuck up that oh wah, you have to change some diapers and wipe some noses and do the THINGS EVERYONE ELSE HAS TO DO ANYWAY WHETHER THEY HAVE KIDS OR NOT. Family night means YOU HAVE A FAMILY. You procreated! YAY!

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