Wednesday, September 19, 2012


My Fill started working - hurray!

Rest of my life? not hurray.

I'm always in a pissy mood.

I feel like going to some peoples jobs and asking them to do it for free, or give me free product, just because. It sounds FUN!!
(Can you tell that I've had some problems with this recently??)

Tomorrow is my Birthday. A few weeks ago, I had received some money from my parents (which was actually from Christmas, long story) that I was going to use to buy a new lens for my camera (which I need, badly). Bills came up and surprise, surprise, I had to use that money to pay...Child Support.

For the kid that's not mine and that we don't get to see. Right.

I knew what my husband had been planning on getting me for my birthday and was excited for it. We were at the store anyway and he asked if we could just get it then - fine. Then he says he needs more phone minutes (pay as you go phone) because he has to use his cell at work sometimes. Well, wouldn't you know that the phone min were the same price as my gift and I had to tell the cashier to take it off (because I wasn't expecting the expense of the phone card, we didn't have enough money to buy the gift)


I hate my birthday.


  1. I'm usually in the same boat with birthday stuff too. Not the child support part, but the higher priority items screwing you out of a gift. Sorry that happened.