Thursday, May 24, 2012

Ten things Thursday

1. So I was reading Drazil's 10 things and she was talking about dreams and that made me remember MY dream from last night, so here it is!

So, in the dream I was at my Godson's school where we had all just made 50 "special" chairs for his classroom, and we were gifting them to the class.Afterwards, I was swinging from a swing in the schoolyard, only it was a treeswing and hanging on a Japanese magnolia tree (we have one in our yard, it has pink blooms in the spring). I was swinging pretty high, wearing a dress and flipflops when this chick starts to mess with me (trying to stop me, trying to pull off my shoes) so I get off the swing thinking she wants to fight (and if you've ever seen the movie "Annie" - it was Pepper from that movie! strange) anyway, she has some toadie with her, and they tell me I HAVE TO GO SEE SOMETHING with them. So we go to this old abandoned shack, and there is a guy there making musical instruments out of old bicycles. Pepper turns to me and says "BUT HE ALSO MAKES INSTRUMENTS OUT OF BONES!!" (um, okay). then she says, it's my birthday! Let's go eat gummybears by the creek! We we do that, and in the creek she finds a gold rubyring with a skeleton key on it and says "IT'S A SIGN FROM GOD!" .....and then I woke up because I had to pee. The End.

Geez. Whacky.

2. I am almost all caught up with work so my job today (with hubby) is to CLEAN THE GARAGE. It's like an episode of hoaders in there!

3. It's like that because when we moved, my cousins and parents helped, and they just dumped everything in my garage (remember, I moved in LAST SEPTEMBER). It's a miracle I've been able to find anything! We also moved the stuff from my old portrait studio too - so it's a tangle of props. and crap.

4. Then we're going to go get some stuff from our storage, and put it in the garage. I have too much crap. I should take some pix of it. It's insane. Maybe I should have a yard sale?

5. Although, I want to keep my props (it's a sickness) then everything else has memories and no one would buy it. haha.

6. Food issues again. The thought of anything pureed or a shake makes me feel ill right now. Some scrambled eggs kind of sound good though. For dinner for the last 4 nights we've had fish. It's soft and I have no trouble eating a small fillet. but it's boring. At least my husby likes fish a lot!

7. So I will have a bottle of propel zero, which is like my crack. Kiwi-Strawberry is like, heaven on earth. I can't have soda so this is my replacement. I search for sales on it obsessively so I can stock up. I have a stockpile of PROPEL people. If the end of the world comes, I will be well hydrated.

8. Still grumpy that I'm not losing. I know they told me "not to worry about it" but they didn't say for sure that I wasn't going to lose. It seems like everyone else lost 20-30 lbs right away (before their first fill). and I lost. Seven. Always last in line, that's me!

9. My fill is on June 11th! Exciting. and then 4 days later we're going camping! I love to go camping. I will have to get over that I can't have all of the food. Ribs.Burgers.SMORES.Hot dogs roasted over the campfire. I wonder if I can eat a marshmallow. that will make me happy.

10. We've also set the dates for summer vacation! We're going to DISNEY! Yippeeee! I heart Disneyland. How can you not grin the entire time you're there?? We're also going to California Adventure - I've never been there. My favorite rides are the Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean - hands down. I could just ride them over and over. (I pretty much like every ride there, we love Mr.Toad's Wild Ride too!)


  1. I didn't lose 20-30 pounds before my first fill. I know it's frustrating, but hang in there. It also helps if you don't weigh yourself every day. I did in the beginning and it just about drove me crazy.

  2. Girlfriend, you are WAY too hard on yourself. Cut yourself a little slack! you are a smidge away from the goal you set for yourself by 5/30! Celebrate it! I'm rooting for you! Ground Turkey is really good and soft, I like browning it, putting a little bit of spaghetti sauce in it and letting it simmer. Then if you like ricotta cheese you can mix that in. It tastes really good and it's nice and soft and easy to digest. Plus it sticks with you because of the fat in the ricotta and the protein in the turkey!