Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Pain in the Neck

That's what my "omg I drank that too fast" warning is. A serious, actual pain in the neck!

I'm still trying to get all of that blasted protein in - it almost seems impossible! I'm not hungry though, but I crave these things daily

Popcorn - my ultimate comfort food. I've been dying to go to the movies, but I have never NOT gotten popcorn. My hubby says he's okay with not having it at the movies (and no Diet coke either..gah). My treat when I get to 25 lbs lost is going to be to see "Dark Shadows" and the plan is for me to bring a Propel Zero in my purse (and a candy bar for the hubby).

Cheeseburgers - I confess. I made my husband buy me a regular McDon.ald's Cheeseburger yesterday. I took 2 bites of just the meat.
Chewed it and chewed it - no swallowing. then spit it in a napkin and gave him the cheeseburger. I felt AWFUL about it for a while, but you know, it didn't even taste like I thought it would, it wasn't even good to me! so Yay, I'm calling that a NSV :-)

Coffee - I can make it at home with the Kerig, but I crave Starbucks. I had a tall iced notfat caramel macchiato the other day when we went for a walk at the mall - it took me over an hour to drink it (I took it home with me) and again, I just didn't enjoy it as much? It was weird. It was good, but not like I "remembered"

and a Pic from today! 257 lbs and Smilin!

I also really want to win the Eggface Viva Las Vegas Giveaway! I think it will be a great motivator! and I never win anything so it's MY TURN! haha!

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