Saturday, May 5, 2012

Saturday (Night) is alright for doing waaayyy to much!

I was feeling pretty good today, so we had a trip to the park, the store (more protein powders to try - yippee!) and then Carls Jr.with my bestie, her hubby and her kiddles.

Yes, I sat there while my friends and hubby ate French fries...and patty melts, and turkey avocado burgers and burritos and drank Coke (My husband got Dr.Pepper, I hate Dr.Pepper so I was glad haha - no temptation!). I was bad and had my husband order me a "very smooth" oreo shake. I sipped on maybe an ounce of it, then gave it to the kids. I then stuck to water. (insert grumpy Lala face here)

Then it was off to Wallyworld to get some chewable vitamins and other odds and ends. so exciting!

Now, I am hurting, BAD. Time for some yucky liquid pain meds! and I can only take the pain meds if I very slowly drink a cup of warm broth, then wait. then I suck the dose down. then I have to take a drink of JUICE. If I drink water after, I barf. If I try protein shake before the meds, I barf. I HAVE A SYSTEM!

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  1. oh man that's tough. I couldn't even come close to a restaurant for quite a while after surgery. it was too much for me mentally.