Friday, May 4, 2012

Bring your Own Crazy!

That’s right – it’s time for BYOCBring Your Own Crazy! Thanks Drazil! 

5 questions we answer in an effort to get to know each other better and to give our blogging brains a break! Join us!!

1. Do you have any Mother’s Day traditions? 

We usually make breakfast for my Mom (my godsons - her adopted sons - like to help me) or go out to dinner the night before. I usually also give her a gift and we have a girls day if she is in town (My parents anniversary is in May so sometimes they are away during Mother's Day). I'll send a card to my Mother in Law

What do "I" do every mothers day? Cry. and get upset that my husband doesn't acknowledge it or our lost babies. Then he runs out and gets me some crap. He is getting better. I don't really care about gifts, but a card or something would work. We usually do something from my Stepson to his Mom and Grandma's - I'm ahead of the game this year, he's already picked something out and painted it - we just need to make cards and wrap them :-) 
2. Do you take a daily vitamin? Why or why not?

I take gummy vitamins and iron. I haven't tried since surgery. Pills = scary

3. Do you wear perfume every day? If yes, what kind?

No. My hubby is sensitive to "smells" so I don't  - but with bodywash (I  have a kind that smells like margaritas!) and lotion (Apple) and deodorant (lavender?) I have a...interesting smell. I like it.

I don't actually own any actual perfume!

4. When you walk or run or work out outside – what do you take with you?

I take my hubby. and the cat, in her stroller. A bottle of water, my ipod with the timer /stopwatch on it, and my phone.

5. Repeat question. Summarize your week.

Of course, I got banded! and why is the text a million different sizes when I do BYOC?? hahaha. 

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