Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Where are you Lala?

Oh, still here. Still on the same liquid diet (it's killing me smalls!) I haven't lost much of anything, but I will be patient.

We had a great Mother's day and my husband bought me a t-shirt I wanted - I knew it would be too small (XL - but it was from Hot Topic, and all of the clothes there are teeny tiny). I've also had these jeans in my closet for I don't know how long. I don't think I've ever worn them. I was extremely surprised to get them ON and ZIPPED! They are size 20! I haven't worn a size 20 since like 1999

So, I made my wonderful Husby take a pic of me (How convenient that I already have a background set up!) and here it is!

The plan is to take a pic in this outfit for every 10 lbs I lose :-)

Also, one of my very good, IRL friends is having Gastric Bybass done today (well, it's already done, but she's in recovery) She has a blog too! Please go visit her and say HI! :-)


  1. You are too adorable. I want to hug you :) Is that creepy? Sorry. LOL

    1. awww thanks! No, I'm a hugger - I understand.

  2. I LOVE BBT! Love the T-shirt and I'll be excited to see you shrink every 10lbs!

  3. What a great photo! I'm excited for you!

  4. yay! I love this picture!! Can't wait to see all of the transformation pics!

  5. What an awesome idea! Love it! And thanks Lauren! I am doing good so far today! Awake, walking around and finally on liquid! Woot.

  6. I love your shirt!! You are doing an amazing job!! I can't wait to see your progress every 10 really is inspiring that you are sharing your struggles and successes here.