Tuesday, April 10, 2012

This and That

  • I got my c-pap machine today! The lady at the medical supply store was an absolute angel. They are letting me borrow the machine for FREE plus trying to find one for me to keep (FREE!). We only had to pay for some o the mask parts and the tubing.
  • I had to try it on there and lie down - and dude, I was ready to go to sleep right then. It was soooo weird. I actually can't wait to try it out tonight!
  • In other news, my hubby and I are on a MAJOR spending freeze right now. I still want to go away for a few days around that certain date.
  • The GOOD news is that I found a voucher for each of us to get 1 night free at the local casino resort (well, not local, it's in Nevada, right on the border of Idaho. A few hundred miles away). PLUS extra nights are $20 each!
  • I know we only get these because we've gambled and eaten at their restaurants in the past, which we can't really afford to do much of this time.
  • BUT if we get to go (still iffy - I need people to pay me for sessions they've booked!) I'm bringing a cooler full of food, my blender (for protein shakes), the toaster (for hubby) and the Popcorn popper (it would just be easier if their was a microwave in the room, but alas, there is not)
  • How ghetto is that??!!! but I will do whatever I can to get away!
Toodles! I have to go to work now...meh

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