Friday, April 20, 2012

10 things Thursday ...on Friday.

1. How can it be thursday already?? GAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!

2. We had fun, sort of on our trip away. We spent too much and I ate too much. mmmm Casino Buffet. I did pretty good the rest of the time. I may have eaten some chips. okay, a lot of chips. they were delicious.

3. Note for people who play slot machines, don't ever pick up a ticket (now when you cash out from a slot machine, you get a ticket instead of coins) you find and keep it. Because casino security will FIND you and come to your hotel room while you're in the shower and ask for it back. True Story.

4. I'm not huge on gambling, but I love the themed machines. My favorite was a Ghostbusters one! It was all interactive with a huge movie screen, clips from the movie, and a vibrating chair. There was also a "The Hangover" game that was hysterical. and Zeus - my favorite slot machine of all time. Zeus is sexxxxy.

5. I also played Blackjack for the first time, with a "virtual' dealer on a huge screen in front of us. I messed up and hit the button to bet $20 (instead of $3) on the first hand...oops. I think proceeded to slightly freak out, as I only had $20 in the machine! but, we played the hand and I won $40! go me. They also send security over if you freak out in a casino. heh. I was not high on their list, me thinks.

6. On my "Period Tracker" on our trip - I saw this Heh. Right. I have the most out of whack cycles in the world. I am not fooled into thinking I'm pregnant. at all.

7. Seriously starving today. i have chicken breast and salad for dinner. scratch that, we caved and had mcdonalds. gaaahhhhh. Chicken for TOMORROW!

8. We have my stepson for the night. He spends his first few hours here screaming for his Mom (and he's 6, and he's been around my husband since he was a newborn and me since he was 3 months old. We are not strangers nor hurt him or do anything to him to cause this.

9. I totally think I deserve an award for putting up with that screaming. I could make anyone lose it.

10. I finally got it through to him (we usually ignore him when he's doing the screaming thing) that the screaming mommy DOES.NOT.WORK...EVER. I asked him "Do you think it works??" him "nooooo...." Me: Well why do you do it?" him..."MOMMY!!!" gah. But he did stop, and we went to dinner and then did some painting and made birdfeeders. I'm such a fun stepmom. heh.

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