Monday, April 30, 2012


Can I say, I'm slightly freaking out???!!!!

I was supposed to work today, but it got canceled due to rain, so at least I have some extra time to prep.

I'll be staying at my parents house for 3-4 days after - so I have to pack. I am just about done - yay for several days in my jammies!!!

The main thing I'm worried about is something going wrong. I almost wish I was staying overnight in the hospital, just in case. I'm also worried about pain, I tend to just have a low pain tolerance or weird nerves or something, but things that don't seem to hurt others are VERY painful for me (like, having my blood pressure taken is so painful I feel like screaming - maybe because of my huge arms?? :-D) I get super cranky and emotional while in pain and don't want to be whining to my family that I huuuuuuurrrrrrt. (I still have strong memories of the pain when I was hit by a car - I was only 13, but I never had any pain medication through the entire thing, and it was just...awful...I was quite the whiner then, and my parents still tease me for it - I don't mind, but I just think there was something that could have been done?)

I'm trying to decide on my low calorie, "light" but high in protein dinner. Suggestions? and please, no more chicken breast and salad!!! I can't take it anymore!


  1. So exciting!! Sending good vibes and speedy recovery wishes your way!!

  2. Good Luck tomorrow! You will do well! Keep us posted!

  3. I'll be sending you prayers. Be tough and take your pain pills and gas medicine and just walk. You might even ask your doctor for anti nausea pills to go with your pain meds.

    Good Luck!!!