Friday, April 27, 2012

Pre-Op and Hungry Hungry Hippo!

We had my Pre-op appointment today and my surgery is ready to go and paid for!

Here is the lovely, bright shiny hospital :

They did the basics, height, weight, blood draw, blood pressure...and a MSRA test, which is evil. WHY oh WHY didn't anyone warn me about this????? A sharp, huge q-tip stabbing my up my nose, into my brain. (I see why they have to do it, but DUDE! there has to be a better way. I still have a headache almost 7 hours later. This paper they gave to me AFTER the test. I disagree with what it says:

I am all set now - no pre-op diet! Just a "light, low calorie meal with protein the night before surgery" and no drink/food after midnight. 

Not one time have they mentioned the size of my liver - it seems like every other lap-bander blog I read, they had to do stuff to shrink the liver??? 
I didn't ask the surgeon. 

and even though I'm 35 years old (and a kid at heart) I decided that having
surgery means I get a new lovey - Meet "Hungry Hungry Hippo"

Aw, we are cute. I plan on snuggling her plenty and watching endless America's next top model and American Pickers episodes and maybe some Saved by the Bell 
and stuff (can you tell I don't have cable? I almost like being sick/recovering for the tv time I get at my parents house. It's sad.) 

I'm planning on bringing the ipod (Mom will be holding on to it during my surgery, but before/after) to take as many Insta-gram pix as possible to share on my FB profile - if you want to be my friend! 

or you could just look at them on Insta-gram - my name there is also lalaloses

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  1. I didn't have to do the whole liver shrinking diet either. However, when the surgeon got on there he saw some spots on my liver and took some biopsies. The came back benign...just a fatty liver. Duh, I was fat :)