Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day!

I'm not leaping, but I'm here.

I finally got a hold of the Dietitian that I've been calling for like 2 months. I've been leaving messages every single time I call...Grr. I called, said I don't know why they won't call me back but I'm trying to schedule a SURGERY here so PLEASE CALL ME BACK. 30 minutes later, she calls. hmmm.

After the giant 1200 calorie Chinese Buffet lunch yesterday, I woke up today all bleccchhh - and I had to work. I had some coffee and then a protein shake...then WHAM the OHMYGODINEEDFOOD Monster came. This Monster turns me into a complete KooKoo Bitch - my poor husband knows this. Of course, I didn't want salad, or non-fat yogurt or another shake. I WANT FOOOD! FEEEEED MEEE!

Sigh. I really hope the band strangles this monster!

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