Thursday, February 23, 2012

Things I'm looking forward to - Shopping Edition

  • being able to go shopping - my clothes are all from Wal-Mart, a few pieces from Target, and some random Concert Tee's. I have spring/summer 4 dresses from Ross/Marshalls - 2 fit, 2 don't 
  • Being able to find theme (Concert shirts for concerts, pop culture shirts like Twilight etc) shirts WITHOUT having to ask first "What is the BIGGEST size you have?" because if they do have a shirt in my size, it's usually a man's shirt, and not the cute one I want. I recently went into Hot Topic to find a Hunger Games shirt and the biggest size was an XL - meaning medium in Hot Topic Speak.
  • Looking good in tanks or cap sleeve shirts - It's hard to find regular sleeves or 3/4 sleeves anymore.
  • An actual cute bathing suit that doesn't look like a Grandma Suit that I wear a shirt over anyway Like this (Does anyone know how to get the "embed in blog" thing from Pinterest to work??) 
  • My Goal dress - something flirty and Pin-up-y - only in this

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