Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Introduction and all that Jazz


I'm Lala and I like to eat. I like to eat TOO MUCH. At 35 years old I found myself at 280 lbs (my highest in 2009 was 298) , tired, hungry all of the time, and unable to do the one thing I want more than anything - have a baby.

I am going through the Steps to have Lap-Band Surgery (you can read more about the surgery here) in Spring of 2012. Here are the things I  need to do/still need to get done

  • Meet with Primary Care Doctor to talk about surgery and get a recommendation letter for the surgery - Done, Jan 2012
  • Have blood work done - Done, Jan 2012 (I am severely anemic - currently on two iron pills a day - more on that later)
  • Meet with Pulmonary Specialist/Sleep Doctor - Done, Jan 2012 (I have severe sleep apnea, I had wear a home sleep monitor overnight, I stop breathing 75 plus times an hour - yikes!!!!)
  • Have a Psychological Evaluation - Done, Feb 2012 (this was yesterday, and it was strange, but I passed)
  • Still to do: Have  Sleep Study - I meet with the Dr on Monday to schedule this. Meet with a Dietitian (She won't call me back!!!)
  • Lose 5% of my Body Weight - which was 14 lbs. I've lost 11.
  • Schedule Surgery  (can't do until all of this other stuff is done!)
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Hopefully later I will have the time to write more - I really need this blog! 


  1. Hey! This is Donna from I just found your blog! Thank you for your comment! I haven't finished reading yet, but wanted to tell you that I started at the same weight... and also am doing this because I want to have babies. I look forward to following you on your journey <3

    1. PS I'm going to add you on Myfitnesspal as well!!