Saturday, February 25, 2012

No more lazy-pants Lala

Can I blame the internet for making me wanna spend all my time in my super computer chair...sigh

I do like to exercise in a sense...

  • I love to go for walks (especially if there is something to see - a nature walk? sign me up!)
  • I love Nordic Skiing but it's been a long time
  • We went Snowshowing last winter and I loved it
  • WII DANCING - is my favorite. I'm a pretty bad dancer in reality, and maybe even when I play the game on the wii, but I love to win!
Today I forced the husband and my Godson D (he usually spends the weekend with us if I'm not working, he's almost 9) to go for a walk to the park near our house - it was freezing, and windy, but we made it. Hubby and I walked laps (with cat in cat stroller, of course!) around the playground for 30 minutes until we all got too cold to deal with it anymore.

I'm trying to get my stamina for walking up - we're going to Disney in July, and while I always get what I call "DisneyLandLegs" at theme parks (I never feel tired until it's time to leave) I want to not be so exhausted at the end of the day. 

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