Monday, February 27, 2012

Adventures in Sleep

So as part of the Lap-Band process, I had to see a pulmonary/sleep doctor and see if we needed to do a sleep study. In January I had to spend a night with a home monitor to track my oxygen levels at night. It was not good - I stop breathing 75 times PER HOUR (um yikes!) We met him again to see what we had to do - either another home study (as the actual sleep studies are majorly expensive) or put me directly on a CPAP/breathing machine a night.

Yes, I'm tired (the doc can't believe I'm not more tired than I am) - I work hard. I do have a hard time falling asleep due to some past problems (more about that tomorrow)...but I DO NOT fall asleep while driving, or at the movies, or at the computer. I don't know if he thinks I'm lying or what. He said this lack of sleep can seriously mess up my metabolism (AHA!) and make it extremely difficult to lose weight. I'm waiting for his call back now...sigh

Update: Doc never called me back. and I'm spooked. Right after my appointment today, I checked Facebook to find that the younger sister of a very good online friend (of like 12 years) died in her sleep last night - she had recently seen a Doctor for sleep apnea. I was hoping maybe he would call and tell me what to do to help my sleep, because I am so scared of dying in my sleep.


  1. ((hugs)) hopefully everything gets done and all squared away for you...

  2. I am so jealous of your cat stroller. I am a crazy cat lady :)