Saturday, February 25, 2012

The most stinging comment of all

It's a comment that has never been made to me, which is why it stings.

You see, I see many many many ladies over on MFP that complain "oh, people always say 'you have such a pretty face'!!!" (which means I guess that if they lost weight, they'd be a knockout)

Growing up I had a very close friend that we'll call Naomi. We were always together - and she was the only friend I ever had who was larger than I. (She weighed 190 in the 6th grade) My Mom, my Aunts, my Grandma's were always around her, and loved her - and they would say that "Oh, Naomi has SUCH a pretty face! ...if she'd just lose weight..."

Then of course, I would get upset. No one ever called me pretty. I was plain. (the first day I remember my parents telling me I was beautiful was my wedding day) I could NEVER understand why people BITCH so much - they HAD THE PRETTY FACE!!!! At least you have that going for you. I had big, plain, and awkward (and weird, but I'm proud of the weird!)

Just once, I want someone to tell me I'm pretty (a STRANGER maybe - if I bring this up with anyone else, it sounds like I'm begging for compliments).

(whoa, issues..down girl)

Once more thing - Facebook...I have a friend (online friend) that is in the same business as me. She is sweet and very talented, and extremely beautiful. She posts random self portraits (just from her phone usually) of herself weekly on FB. and I finally had to hide her after each photo was getting 20-30 "ZOMG! YOU ARE SOOOO BEAUTIFULLLLLLL GEEEE WHIIIZZZZ~!" comments on it, several from people I know. meh.

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