Thursday, June 14, 2012

Ten things Thursday -The Slimer Edition

1. We went to the local Waterpark today (I won tickets in a photo contest, and good thing because the tickets are $30 a person) - Me, Hubsy, Godson D, Stepson and Stepson's Mom!

2. My bathing suit I bought at a thrift store (not my other new one that fits weird) is a size 20 and it fit awesome! It was super cute too, I looked hot. No pix though, because no one ever takes pix of me (I had the camera)

3. We had lunch there, and I looked at every food stand they had, and nothing sounded bandster friendly AT ALL - I mean, a smoothie would have been awesome, but nope. Just ice cream. The Orange chicken looked good, and my husby said he'd share it with me (he had pizza too, hog)

4. Note to self - don't eat "popcorn" chicken, because that's what it was - with orange sauce. 3 of those delish morsels made it into me (and chewed chewed chewed) but...oh no.

5. I had a fun fun FUN episode where I had to RUN to the nearest bathroom (grabbing a handful of napkins on the way - napkins are my friend today) where I didn't barf, just had pain, and burped and slimed and omg IT SUCKED.

6. The rest of the day was uncventful, just more swimmin' and sunning, it's a super fun place but dude, I'm glad I didn't have to pay to get in! I did NOT go down any waterslides - the weight limit was 250. gah.

7. By the end of the day, I wanted something to eat so I broke down and bought myself an ice cream (yay Dippin' Dots!) but the kids ate most of it.
I still feel kind of guilty for eating ice cream (slider!)

8. Now we're home and the kids are in the bath (and they don't want to get out - you'd think they'd be tired of the water - huh?

Okay, it's 8 things Thursday for now - more later!

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