Friday, June 15, 2012

Brain Snacks

I worked a lot today (two photography sessions - about 5 hours of that - crawling around, jumping around, bending, moving, carrying things) - plus prep and computer work (add in about 8-10 more hours in the day for that)

I'm pooped out.

My habit in the past after a day like this was to grab a book or the iPad, hop in the car, head to the drive-thru and buy myself a Big Mac, Fries and Diet Coke.

I would then park somewhere private, eat and read for a while (and hour or two). This practice always relaxed and refreshed me (it seemed)

Today, as soon as my clients left - I started wishing I could go do that and get away for an hour or two (I can't because 1- my hubby has the car and 2- duh, I can't eat that).

I still felt that would relax me, full knowing it's impossible.


I'm having a little trouble with food. The only thing that goes down without chest pain is a laughing cow cheese and some wheat thins (or string cheese) . Everything else makes me hurt (I haven't slimed or pb'd today - but then I haven't tried much) - Eggs, bananas, chicken. I do have mashed potatoes but they are just full of calories and fatty (a mix). I am dying for a salad or some spinach but I don't know if they will go down okay.

double sigh. Well, back to work! :-)

I feel weak, but not hungry (except for things that are impossible).

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  1. I can definitely say i used to do the same thing.... but I'm a mcNugget fan.... I hope things even out for you and you can at least get enough down to stay healthy!