Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Adventures of Filled Lala

It's oh so weird for me. I'm not hungry. The opposite of hungry.

I haven't been getting upset that people are eating things around me that I can't have (and I made my Godson's their requests for lunch today - Mac n cheese and a Peanut butter sammich. I smelled both, and that was good for me. I'm a food smeller)

My brain though says "Hey, Lala...there are cheese sticks in the fridge! or you could make some popcorn with the movie."

I don't really want any cheese. or popcorn, I'm not hungry and right now have just been making sure I get my protein in. I'm kind of sticking to mushies today because of the fill on Monday, but tomorrow I will go back to "normal" food.

and I'm craving salad, which I have not tried to eat since getting the band. I don't think I've ever craved salad in my entire life.


  1. 2 more weeks till my first fill.. Really hoping I'm on my way to exactly what you described!