Monday, June 11, 2012


So, it went okay. I had to wait like 45 minutes in the little room for the surgeon (and I was not happy. at least I brought the iPad and had 45 min to read and play Angry Birds Space and fool around on Facebook...)

They didn't have me fill anything out, just asked about exercise and what I can eat - if I've had anything stuck, etc (and NO because I hate barfing so I don't eat things that are "known" to get stuck). I told them I was always hungry between meals/no restriction.

I had to lie down with a pillow under my back and raise my head and shoulders up like doing a crunch. The first time, he missed and hit the side of my port with the needle - OMG it hurt so bad I thought I was going to pass out. Then he tried again and I didn't feel anything at all. I now have 6 cc's in a (large) 14 cc band!

I'll say - I certainly DO NOT want any food right now - at all. I'm on liquids for 2 days and that's just fine with me! :-)

ETA: So it's been a few hours and I totally feel like crapola. My stomach is growling and rumbling like you wouldn't believe (or maybe some of you would, ha ha) - we went to the store and it growled and some lady kept giving me nasty looks! I'm not "hungry" but I feel so so weak, like I can barely move. Yucky :-(


  1. Wow! 6 CC's on your first fill. I have no idea how my doc does it, but I do hope I get started pretty solidly. I am so sorry you feel like the icky's!

    1. yeah - it's a huge fill! I already had 3 in the band. let's hope this jumpstarts it!

  2. Lala was this your first fill?

    why is your stomach growling?

    Did you tell that lady to mind her own business?

    1. Yep - It was my first fill. I have no idea while it's growling but it feels like there is wild animal in there! GRR! and no, I just moved on from snarky lady haha.