Friday, June 8, 2012

Cannot wait for that FILL!!

(Complete Random Post that I've been working on for 3 days...gah)

Holy geez I am an eating machine. I'm eating "healthy" and getting my protein in, but dude. I want something to eat every hour. I never have restriction or feel full. I need a nice HUGE fill.

It's summer. I bought a new bathing suit! but it's still a little tight and it's a 3 x *insert grumpy face here* It fits fine in the waist/hips/butt, but the chest area is too tight. I didn't try it on at the store before buying it because I was afraid of getting stuck in it in the dressing room!

The reason for the new Bathing suit (which is hot pink and black, of course) is CAMPING! We're going camping in 10 days! I am so stoked. I love to go camping. We'll be driving up in my parents motorhome (which them of course, and my Godsons) and the best news of all - we get to take my Stepson! Yippee! We've never gotten to take him anywhere overnight, and he's never been camping.

I'm bummed today because I have a photography event that I do every year (little girls dressed as Fairies) and it's been pouring rain and I had to reschedule it. So I got everything read to go, and packed it up in our van (we do the portraits at the park) and then...let down. sigh. If anyone wants to see what they look like (last years) - comment with your email and I'll send you the website :-)

and in other news, I'm heartbroken because I lost my purse. I left it at the last showing of a small, family run movie theater and we were the LAST PEOPLE to leave. They say they didn't find it. That means to me that whoever cleaned the theater stole it. Did I mention I only own 1 purse? sigh. At least my wallet was in the car!


  1. I hear ya sister! I am having the same issue, but having more of a time trying to stay on the "healthy" foods. When is your next appt?