Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sleep Study Night!

We just went and got me all hooked up at the sleep lab at the this is what I have

  • Band around my chest (under my arms)
  • band around my waist
  • monitor on my left index finger (oxygen reader)
  • band around my right wrist (pulse)
  • tubes up my nose (breathing, air intake etc)
  • tube/sensor in front of my mouth that tracks my breath, snoring and temp
Mom took these (extremely blurry) pix of me..

I'm doing okay except now I can't take my bra off (I was not going in there braless!!!) and I have a raging headache and horrible cramps. I forgot to ask if I can take some tylenol or something.

Updated to say -
this thing really sucks. It doesn't get "turned on" until 10pm but I have to wear it anyway.

It's tight now and I have a headache

and it's hard to play angry birds with this crap on my hands.

There's nothing to TV and I can't work with all of this crap on or play the Wii or take a bath or anything. hahahha bitchy mcgee tonight!


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    1. hahaha oh yeah. you should have seen people in cars that saw us drive by. It's extremely attractive.