Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I have not been very good.

In fact, on Sunday all I had to eat that day was 3 slices of Piz.za Hut Meatlovers Pizza, Diet Coke, and Movie popcorn (strangely enough,the next day when I weighed myself I had lost .3 lbs - after not losing anything for over a week)

I've had steak sandwiches. I've had Taco Bell. I've been tracking everything, and the only day I've gone over is the Pizza/Popcorn day.

I have Myfitnesspal set at 1600 calories a day.
30 minutes of walking a day (I miss a few days on my period though)

but I just stay at the same. Sigh. Now is the waiting (weighting?) game, when they will finally schedule the surgery.

1 comment:

  1. I have given up...my personal battle w/depression needs to be fought first as it's sabotaging my weight loss goals - I am gaining not loosing like I wanted to.

    I am so proud of your hard work...You are doing AMAZING!! Keep up the good work!!