Sunday, December 30, 2012


I had a fun fun morning hangin' with my Banded buddies, having coffee :-) We're planning to go do something active and fun together soon too, so I am excited for that.

Breakfast: Coffee at Starbucks

Lunch: Protein Shake - the same peach/banana/strawberry/spinach one with "Greens and whey" protein powder that I had yesterday (The frozen fruit blend is by Dole - I REALLY like it, but it's kind of spendy. I can get like 4-5 shakes out of 1 bag though. The Greens and Whey Protein powder is by Biochem. I actually really like it, but I have to mix it with fruit)

Snack: 8 peanut butter filled pretzels (we were at my parents house. they have dangerous goodies there!!!)

Dinner: Mom made MEATLOAF (I love her meatloaf)
I had about 2 oz of that
small serving of mashed potatoes
small serving of corn
1/2 of a cresent roll with butter (ohhhhh...yummy. but I can only eat a bite)

1/2 chocolate chip cookie

Right now - 1000 calories
Protein: 51

Not sure if I am going to have anything else today. I'm not hungry right now but I always crave popcorn. We're having my parents and Godson (my friends family can't come after all) for New years so I'm cleaning like a busy bee and planning the menu for tomorrow.


  1. Do you eat protein shakes for lunch a lot? I used to but my dietician got all funny about it.

    1. I just got started drinking them again, sometimes I just don't fee like eating but have to have "something" you know?