Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ten things Thursday - The It took me until Friday to finish this edition

1. Still almost regretting getting the band. I've lost 1 a MONTH. My body obviously doesn't care that I'm eating less. I don't get it. I hiked miles every day while camping (TWICE) and watched my food intake...nada. I'm ticked.

2. My fill is on Monday. I don't eat much now so I don't see how eating LESS is going to help me lose weight. Can you tell I'm frustrated?

3. Our Van died 2 minutes before we went camping. The price to fix it is crazy insane. It makes me feel ill the amount of work I'm going to have to do to pay for it. I wish my husband would find a job (once the car is fixed that is, it's bad enough begging my parents to drive me to my jobs)

4. I am going stir crazy at home. It's like 105. the air quality is bad. and we're not really in walking distance of much. (there is a grocery store with a s.bux in it about a mile away. but in the heat I am way too lazy to walk that mile)

5. not like we can afford to go to the store anyway, or have coffee. We are officially poor, poor, poor.

6. I am so desperate for coffee that I scrounged around in the cupboard until I found a instant coffee packet. As soon as my ice is frozen, I will be enjoying THAT with skim milk and some Torani caramel syrup. I hope it satisfies me!

7. and now it's friday! oh well. Anyway, we spent the day making my parents drive us around, my cat had a appointment at the vet to be spayed (finally!!) at the crack of dawn. She's home now and doing great!

8. We also had to go to the courthouse to file some papers on "something". I will update more about it later, I just don't feel comfy posting about it yet. but it's a VERY good thing, should it work out.

9. NINE days until we leave on Vacation! I'm on a quest! A Quest for FUN! A quest to see...a rodent. "Rodent" is our family code word for anything Mickey or Dis.ney, of course. I am so stoked.

10. Before we got poor, I ordered Disney pins from eB.ay so the Godson and I could try out Disney pin trading. Has anyone done that before???


  1. Lala I'm a slow weight loser too. It is so frustrating. I'm about 10 lbs behind most who got surgery in may. I'm just trying to stay positive and know that this time next year even slow will be a milestone for me.

    Your not alone!!!

  2. Another slow loser here. I will have to say that you encourage me by sticking with it, even though it is moving really slow. I've been sliding into bad habits like "well, its not working, so I might as well eat _____" Keep going, slow and steady.

  3. On my last visit to the dietician, I moaned about my ability to plateau like there is no tomorrow. If 1 lb = 3500 kcal and I have a weekly calorie deficit of around 5000 - 6000 kcal, how am I not losing regularly?

    Her answer was bodies are weird. They catch up but it isn't a regular linear thing. Keep doing the right stuff and it will catch up but you have to stick the plateaus out. It sucks but it does come right. After 2 months of barely moving, I dropped 7 lb in just over 2 weeks. I didn't change anything. It just caught up. You will too. xx

  4. Regarding the MM trading pins, we did pick up a lanyard and a handful of pins as my son was enamored with the concept. The main thing to know about the trading is that any cast member wearing pins MUST trade with a guest if asked. So let's say you have or you end up buying an economy pack, but you see a pin on a cast member, they will trade whatever you want to get rid of for whatever you want from them.

  5. Guess what? My best friend is an animator for Disney and he designs a lot of disney trading pins! cool huh?! Did you have a good trip?